First Shoot Memories

My most recent shoot was definitely a memorable one, featuring a theme not uncommon for this time of year, but more welcome than ever. A good friend of mine purchased a gift card for this special family so they could enjoy their first-ever family photos. I can’t imagine a more thoughtful gift.
With any first comes anxiety and nerves. When I spoke w/ momma, I could tell she was both very excited and overwhelmed; she wanted these photos to be nothing less than perfect. As we were planning a mini-session, everything needed to be ready and on-point. I promised not to let her down. We went over every detail and I made sure I understood her vision clearly. She sent me some Pinterest ideas, which made it clear she wanted the photos to have a farmhouse vibe, complete with what would look like a remote, country location. I was inspired and went into research mode, reviewing past shoot locations as well as scouting out some new ones in person. The location we all agreed upon had exactly the look the family were going for but was still conveniently located minutes from their home. Best of all, there was plenty of room for papa’s truck, which we’d decided would be the centerpiece of the shoot.
With the look and the location of the shoot decided, next came the decor. While it’s not unusual for me to run to the store or hit up Amazon in search of the perfect accessory, between momma and I, we already had everything we needed to make the shoot look exactly the way she wanted. Because my meetings with momma had helped me to see her vision clearly, when we met at the shoot, all of our props blended together seamlessly to create a uniform look. We set up the back of pappa’s truck, made sure everyone was happy with it, and before long, we were capturing smiles and lifelong memories.

Young Noah had so many great ideas and was so excited to participate that we didn’t even notice the chilly temps. After momma, pappa, and I did some brief solo shots, Noah told us that watching the photos being shot made him so happy he could cry. His sweetness almost made my heart burst.

We finished the last shots and once I was confident everyone was happy with the shots, we got everything packed up. As I pulled away, I watched momma do a happy dance while walking back to the family truck. The shoot was so filled with emotion, It was so hard not to hug at the end (sidenote: check on the huggers in your life – we are not okay! LOL).
Even though this year has been rough (or maybe even because of that), don’t miss out on these moments. Take the plunge and schedule a shoot (or give the gift of memories to someone else). The idea of it may be overwhelming, but I promise to help realize your vision and can guide you through every step of the way safely. Rekindle an old tradition or make a new one that may have fallen by the wayside. First (or first time in a long time) shoots were a big theme for me this year and I was honored to help with every one of them.

Love Always,

Angela Ritchie

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  1. Beautiful photo and beautiful family!! I love them and I love you!! Thank you for taking such good care of them and for capturing the love they share for each other in your photos!! You’re the best!! ❤️

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