Wedding Themes

Choosing a wedding theme is the most fun and impactful part of the planning process.  We love hearing the thoughts and creative ideas of the couples we have worked with.  From a fun back yard wedding to the traditional, we have seen it all, and enjoyed every minute.

First choose the venue, the base of the theme.  It will naturally reflect who you are as a couple and set the tone.  Choose a place that speaks to you or holds a special place for you.  My husband and I chose to get married at his parents’ house and to this day I love that decision.

If there isn’t a location that sticks out to you, sit down and write some words and phrases that describe you as a couple.  I love butterflies, and purple was a favorite color for both of us, so those became integral parts of our design.

Don’t be afraid to go online for ideas too. Pinterest can be your best friend.  When I worked with Rebecca and Jeb, she had so many great ideas pulled together that the engagement shoot and wedding were a breeze.  Share these ideas with your photographer.  I will help them to see your vision and will help them learn moe about who you are.

Mark sure you think ahead as well.  Be creative and be fun, but make sure you won’t look back and think the ideas were silly.  Incorporate some timeless elements.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to look to others for help.  Talk to your creative family members and have them share ideas.  Not only will it help take some stress off of you, they will feel honored you sought them out for help.

Hopefully these thoughts help a bit and hope you are doing great!



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