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With this mild winter, we have major spring fever here, and that means thinking about spring, summer, and fall photos.  Picking a great location for these photos is always fun, and, is a major part of the photoshoot experience.  What is the landscape like?  What meaning does it have for the shoot?  Will it work rain or shine?  These are just some questions we and our clients answer when coming up with the best location for their shoot.

This got us thinking back to some of the awesome locations we have had the pleasure of visiting and shooting at.  One of our favorites is the Quarry in Olmsted Falls.  With it’s covered bridge, stone walkway, and the water and rocks, it provides tons of variety, and can hold up in the rain and cold.

Another great location is Edgewater in Cleveland.  You can get beautiful sunset shots here, and, it works in winter as well, although, it gets really chilly.  It also provides a variety of backgrounds: beach, rocks, and trees.

We have fun taking our clients to new locations they have never been and watching them experience the new surroundings.  We also love following our customers to those special places, and getting to explore with them:  Seeing the location through their eyes.

We are going to be sharing more locations with you so you can travel along with us but please do us a favor: Comment and share with us some of your favorite locations.  And if you can share a photo that would be even better.

Let’s go see the world together 🙂


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