Notorious Nolan

We had the wonderful pleasure of helping Nolan capture his memories! View More: is an amazing young man. He was not camera-shy to say the least. Even with two shooters he caught on very quick and even got into the element and started finding ideas he thought would look good! He has a good eye! Nolan is a very bright young man with a great chance at being a model!View More: He didn’t even need to try to pose it was all his natural look! He was a pro and by the end of the photo shoot he had us pegged and knew what we where going to ask for before we asked and just posed! šŸ™‚ He was so relaxed and went with the flow. He even had an impromptu shoe change. Just a friendly reminder to some, leaves are a good cover for a hole!! He really was a breeze to work worth. He tried so hard to get everyone that walked by him with a dog to let us take a picture of him with them! We had amazing weather for it all be it was a little cold;it is December in Ohio that is to be expected!View More: We also already had some amazing prop work all set up for us before we even got there!


We look forward to helping Nolan and his mom create more memories in the future and wish him luck as he ends his high school career and heads off into the world! He is sure to go far!


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